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We do not claim to be one of the oldest firms in this field, nor do we claim being the top of the professionals out there. Established in 2014, our firm has risen steadily, getting a good share of the private investigation market in Romania, and also regional.

We are proud members in good standing of the Association of British Investigators, and we maintain its core values through all of our professional standing and ethics; you may check our profile here.

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Loyalty, trust and dedication. Value added.

We learned long ago that standing by your client in his hour of need is the key to better service and results.

We respond in a fair and legal manner to all inquiries, and we take the necessary steps to ensure the project ahead is well tasked and understood as per the final results expected. And obviously, if the final tasks are what the client needs and make certain the client will obtain the said results in a legal manner.

We do not engage in investigations where a conflict of interest is apparent; such is communicated to the client, prior to the final instructions and receipt of any confidential data related.

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Proud members of the
Association of British Investigators.

We assume and understand that you may already have a provider for private investigations services in Romania or our region. That is ok. However, give us a try, you will not find us wanting. Do let us know your company needs and let us show you how it's done.

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