Hire the right person.
Choose the right candidate.

Do not take lightly the need to verify the professional past of your applicant, not its education and degrees..

Its could very much make a huge difference to know what are his real past jobs, his degrees or professional qualifications. People sometimes tend to exaggerate when it comes to talking about themselves.

An unverified key level management staff, hired without proper verification, can prove to be a mistake, for it can take apart your company in no time. We have seen it happening.

To care for your employees is to care for your company, obviously; make sure that neither are put at risk. If you need to know more on how we can assist you, do not hesitate to contact us today.

Pre-packed services on all levels. Bespoke plans available too.

We verify your employee or job applicant's:
1) Education and employment history.
2) Professional qualifications.
3) Criminal records and social profiling.
4) Commercial activities as associate or shareholder.
5) Identity validation and address confirmation.
...and more.

Custom service plans, bespoke tailored for your specific needs and budget are available. Just let us know how we can assist you today !

We are ready
for all challenges.

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We are fully compliant.

We are aware of the data privacy policies, enforced by the new GDPR 2018 regulations. We understand this to be the governance of any background check inquiries and verification. Rest assured we take every appropriate steps to make certain our reports are legal and observe the utmost care for protection of any data we enter in contact with.

Read more on our Data Protection Policy