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In-depth research into a company status, operations, financials, liabilities and commercial partners. Establish compliance, obtain information on its associates, identify assets and associated risks, market inquiry.

Make an informed decision by using our business intelligence support.

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Protecting your brand, product and trademark from infringements. Research and identify the illegal use of your brand or trademark, investigate the counterfeiter of your product, support your legal procedures.

Assistance for protecting your intellectual property rights in Romania.

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Verification of employment and education credentials and qualifications, identity validation, references collection, social media profiling of a candidate. Also personal background check in Romania.

Know your candidate, get in-depth individual background data.

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Assisting insurance companies to investigate the circumstances of a travel, medical or foreign death claims. Researching work-related accidents, benefits claims, death and life insurance claims, motor accidents.

Investigating the facts and circumstances of an insurance claim

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Ask for a free case evaluation

Please inquire on our capabilities, case and work approach, costs involved, time frame needed for completion, legality, confidentiality, and indeed whichever question you may have regarding a certain project in Romania.


Cabinetul Individual Detectiv Particular  “Maria Tanase” a fost infiintat in 2014, in Bacau Romania si ofera servicii de investigatii private pe teritoriul national si in Republica Moldova. Serviciile oferite de Cabinetul Individual Detectiv Particular ” Maria Tanase” sunt destinate atat persoanelor fizice cat si persoanelor juridice de drept public si privat. Ne puteti contacta aici, cu toata increderea, si fara nici un fel de obligatie.

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One of our most sought-after service is adoption investigation; many times over, we have received instructions from clients or indeed, from their legal representatives, to identify and / or contact the natural parents or any relatives alive. Mainly, our clients were adopted in the early 1990’s by Western couples, in Romania.

If you wish to learn more about our adoption investigation services, please contact us for a free of charge information pack.

L’un de nos services les plus recherchés est l’enquête sur l’adoption. La plupart du temps, nous devons identifier et / ou contacter les parents naturels ou des parents vivants. Principalement, nos clients ont été adoptés au début des années 1990 par des couples occidentaux, en Roumanie.

Si vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur nos services d’enquête d’adoption, veuillez nous contacter pour obtenir d’informations gratuit.

Einer unserer gefragtesten Dienste ist die Untersuchung der Adoption; Meistens müssen wir uns identifizieren und / oder zu kontaktieren. Hauptsächlich wurden unsere Kunden in den frühen 1990ern von westlichen Paaren in Rumänien adoptiert.

Wenn Sie mehr über unsere Adoptionsuntersuchungsdienste erfahren möchten, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte für ein kostenloses Informationspaket.

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