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There are numerous websites and blogs dealing with this subject of romance scam, be these named online bride scam, Nigerian scams, online identity fraud or theft, dating online scams, and so forth. They all explain this fraud mechanism and offer advice, support and reporting tools for those who were cheated of their money this or that way.

So why another page on this subject, you may ask. Because there are never too many ways to fight crime, be it online or direct. Because for every honest, decent person trying to help, there are a hundred dishonest, not so decent persons hellbent on splitting you from your hard earned cash. And this may happen in every corner of the world, so Romania is by no means different.

Our advice is to tackle the scam before, well, it becomes a scam. Makes sense?

romania scam fraud

It all starts with a damsel in distress? No, it does not (always)

Long gone are the days when Romanian scammers claimed to be dirt-poor, oppressed by a nutter of a father, not able to pursue education, or barely alive due to innumerable deadly afflictions. Those days are gone; the scammers are upgrading the tools of their trade, like every business person will do normally.

Now they are students, eager to educate themselves, independent, aspiring to become solid pillars of the community, even looking to become successful business owners. You know, that sort of thing. If only they would get a little helping hand along this thorny path to success and happiness (or something).

Seriously now: these persons are excellent character readers and many are accomplished and sophisticated con artists. They know that what gives away the gig is asking for money in the first or second (ok, perhaps the third) date online with someone. So they don’t (ask for money) when one expects. Imagine a vulture sitting on a branch, waiting for you to become weak and fragile. That is how these persons should be looked upon: patient predators.

This scam thing is like a good magic trick: the more you look, the less you see. And when it all becomes clear, so is your bank account.

What we can do for you

We can check if he or she is real, for starters; it could very well be a case of identity theft or worse, this individual is part of a criminal gang. You need to know who you are dealing with, from the onset. This will help you in the long run, if you are to pursue a legal action against this individual, later on.

Basically, we will check this person top to bottom and inside out, and come back to you with a comprehensive report, obtained legally and in a complete confidential manner. When we’re done, you’ll know more about this person than the person itself.

These above are but a few (a very few) examples of how a scam is planned and executed by those who have an unhealthy interest in your cash and valuables. In reality, their tools of trade are innumerable, and it pains me to say that for every decent human being out there, a scammer will find the perfect approach, one as per each specific individual.

Don’t fool yourself you’ll spot them all methods; be certain that if you allow enough time, a scammer will manage to hurt you, your loved ones, your bank account, and make your life a misery. So, don’t give them time to develop the web of lies and deceits. Just don’t.

Contact us as fast as you can, do not let criminals play havoc with your life.

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