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We at #romaniainvestigations take our client’s support even further than our competition does. This means that we undertake and conduct any investigation our client entrusts us with, see it closed successfully and we also assist our client (if need be and if instructed to such extent) in court. Because all our work is completely legal and our results are 100% compatible to appear as proof in courts.

Whether you are a divorce, a civil or criminal case lawyer, you will of course welcome any chance (legal, that is) in-depth information as possible, and to this purpose what could be more handy and useful than a private investigator to build the basis of your legal case in court?

The Benefits of a Legal Investigation for you as lawyer


> Outsmart the opposition: Look under the carpet, look for hidden evidence; they’re there all right, all you need is to hire the right investigator;

> Saves your time: Leaves you with more time, more time to identify the needs of your client. Leave the stress of getting information to us;

> More information is always good: More often than not, you will find that our gathered information is excellent and, in many cases, augment your own theory;

> Locate witnesses: We can track own that witness who may shed vital light onto your case and help your client in court;

> Search regionally and globally: We have the means to put ou gobal and regional network to good use; we can search in places you didn’t even know they exist;

> Confidential and legal: Access the information you need in the most benficial ways so that it is admissible in court and most beneficial to your case.

Legal Investigation Support

We gather a good amount of data and we do this comprehensive, through a large number of methods, all legal:

  • Asset investigation and analysis
  • Computer forensics
  • Computer usage verification
  • Corporate threat assessment
  • Detailed background checks
  • Due diligence investigations
  • Interviews
  • Covert or open statements taking
  • Surveillance
  • Witness location


We will be hired by you, as legal counsel to the client, and it is us who deal with the information collection.

As a full-service investigative firm,  #romaniainvestigations is well experienced in the field of legal investigations. We provide second-to-none litigation support, whatever your case needs may be.

Contact us to discuss your cases, free of charge case assessment available for all our clients.

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