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Protecting our client's brand, products and good name

Since 2014, we have been conducting in-depth research and investigations related to protecting our client’s good name, products and activities in Romania. The Romanian market of counterfeit goods, or grey/smuggled goods is large, and is getting larger by the year.

With our assistance, clients were able to identify various channels of branded products being smuggled into Romania, to document and obtain evidence of products being counterfeited or sold as such in Romania, to identify and destroy a good numbers of supplying chains to various entities in Romania.

Toner and cartridges

Cosmetics and fragrances


Electronics and batteries

We also conduct investigations into identification, localization and providing legal proofs of brand and trademark infringement in Romania for other type of miscellaneous products and industries, branded and in use in Romania:

  • clothing and apparel
  • luxury brands and products (eyeglasses, pens, bags)
  • automotive and spares


We run test purchases inside a secure, legal and covert environment, and all our researches are conducted for a further court action of the client. Fast and accurate processes ensure our work is clean and to the point, such as:

  • final goal is to get hard proof of network and warehouses
  • prepare and conduct investigations in a legal manner
  • always keep client in the know, always address the vital tasks

If your brand or product has taken hits on the Romanian market, and you wish to see what happens, or if you have any need of running a test purchase in Romania, please do not hesitate to call on us.

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