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Background check in Romania are usually offered to our corporate clients (who hire directly), or to Western and Romanian human resources agencies, hiring for various foreign or local companies in Romania.

Be the type of research one’s past, or employment/education history, we get an in-depth factual report on our client behalf. Background check in Romania was never easier, with our professional assistance.

Main background researches ou clients instruct us on


Dedicated research into a candidate’s working history


In-depth research and validation of a candidate qualifications


Scrutinize into one’s personal background, identify red flags

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Your questions answered

Are these researches legal proof?

We always strive to ensure the legality of of our checks and researches, when it comes to obtaining information on our client behalf. We are observing the Romanian and EEC regulations on data protection and personal rights.

Is the subject of your research aware of it?

Normally, subject is not aware and we keep it that way. Unless we are instructed to contact the subject by our client, we do not engage in direct or indirect approach.

However, when it comes to research into employment or education or similar, we are instructed by client to see into it; therefore, the subject signs a ‘release of information’ sort of document; it follows that the subject is aware that a research shall be made into his personal life and approves of it.

How accurate are your reports?

We keep a very close focus onto the tasks of each background request, this enables us to provide factual data, reliable and to-date.

Our work on background checks in Romania is dedicated to bring to light any details which may empower our client to take professional decisions, based on true and reliable data.

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We can assist you with the following background checks in Romania:

Personal in-depth background check Romania

We look into one’s past and present activities, with the sole purpose of identifying all the aspects which may interest our client. We observe the legality of it all, at all times. Strict confidentiality goes without saying.

Criminal Background Checks Romania

Criminal background checks include scanning public records, county and territorial courts in Romania. Criminal records from any of those sources will contain the following if applicable:

  – Arrests

– Convictions of felonies and misdemeanors

– Court records (dockets, judgements, etc.)

– Warrants

Employment Screening

Employment background checks are the most usual type of background checks we get ordered by our clients. These checks generally include:

  – Criminal history

– Character references

– National Insurance check

– Education & academic qualification verification

Alternatively, the pre-employment background checks vary depending on the employer and the type of job. If need help on choosing the right one for your company, do not hesitate to contact us.

Tenant Screening Romania

It is usual that Romanian landlords will screen their tenants in order to make sure they are responsible. For this type of background check, landlords typically review criminal records, credit reports, former landlords references and / or personal references.

Childcare Background Checks Romania

Childcare and nanny type of workers in Romania undergo extensive background checks. The requirements for screening childcare workers vary.

Volunteer Organization Screening Romania

Various non-profit organizations will often run background checks on volunteers, especially if volunteers are working with vulnerable populations like the young or elderly.

Security Clearance Screenings Romania

Any job that requires security clearance, especially sensitive positions in large companies will require extensive background checks that may include a face-to-face interview with an investigator.

We offer a free of charge case assessment and quotation, with no obligation whatsoever.

We are ready to assist you with any type of background check in Romania., just lease let us know what we can do for you.

Servicii de background check / verificare studii, diplome si referinte angajator

romania-drapel-flagVerificare studii si diplome, validare calificari profesionale si educationale, verificare trecut profesional, obtinere referinte de la locul de munca si fosti angajatori, obtinere confirmare licenta si master, verificare profil social online, background personal, verificare profil moral, servicii pentru angajatori si agentii de recrutare, verificare CV, validare identitate si cazier judiciar, identificare trecut si prezent activitate comerciala candidat, validare candidat recrutare. Ne puteti contacta aici, va multumim!

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