Are You Dating A Fraud?

If you met a person on the internet, such as an online dating or social site you could be the victim of a romance scam. Basically, you are chatting away with an (not really) identified stranger, you know no real truth about this person. Because a person tells you they are a single lady, impoverished student or a likeable person trying to make a better life for him or her, does not mean it is true. People lie, especially online romance scammers.

The only truth in a romance scam is you sent money to someone, and that person has received it. A recipient could also be a victim, and their online love told them the transfer is from a business deal. The receiver could also be a money mule who earns money by accepting and forwarding funds.

Signs you may be a victim of a romance scam:

  • The person doesn’t seem to have a FB or other important social account, or does not give information of that sort
  • The person is ill, and seeks money to get well, This may be extended to the family, father ill, mother ill, danger of losing their life due to lack of funds
  • She or he is not willing to enter in visual contact with over the phone, such as chatting on video with you, claiming they have “an old Nokia phone” or similar
  • You send flowers but the delivery never took place, the florist did not made contact at the address she or he gave you initially

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