All too often companies will spend hundreds upon thousands of dollars on marketing for their business, yet put little thought into the actual name or logo of the company. Whether it is a new business or a company that has been around for decades, it is important to shield your company’s intellectual property. Infringement can cause major damage to a company’s reputation; therefore, it is important to seek out the services of a Trademark Investigator. Kessler International has compiled a list of the top ten reasons why you need to hire a Trademark Investigator and secure your brand.

1. Many new business owners are not aware that they’re company’s name could be in use. To avoid hassles, confusion with other companies and possible legal action, it is best to acquire information on a trademark before using it.

2. Let the investigators do what they do best. Trademark Investigators are specialized in the field; they know what they are looking for and can provide you with detailed information on whether the trademark is in use, abandoned or has been cancelled. A Trademark Investigator can provide research on when the trademark was first used in commerce and where it is being used now.

3. Trademark Investigators keep it private. Trademark Investigators go undercover to get the information and results you need. Trademark Investigators have access to a pool of databases worldwide, where they can retrieve vital information for your brand.

4. Trademark Investigators can not only find out if a name or logo is in use, but they can also find out if a company is infringing your current trademark and falsely representing your company. This can cause your business irreparable damage and could potentially lead to loss of money and put your company’s reputation on the line.

5. Trademark Investigators can safeguard your intellectual property with extensive research and product inquiries to companies who are using your mark or potential mark.

6. Trademark Investigators carry out discreet investigations and provide you with tangible evidence for court proceedings.

7. A trademark investigation can help stop you from potentially infringing upon another company’s logo, symbol, name or jingle; inevitably saving you time, money and frustration.

8. An investigation can help company’s find out not only if their mark is in use, but if a mark of similar style is in use as well.

9. Trademark Investigations can help other businesses comply with trademark laws and keep your business safe from falling victim to infringement or infringing on another company’s intellectual property.

10. Regardless of your company’s industry, market or location, trademark investigations can find you the information you need to leave your competitor’s in the dust. Don’t delay, call Kessler International.

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